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PiPEx Training Series

The PiPEx Training Series was developed to help organizations of all kinds make progress in the areas that challenge them.  Developed by experts at Partners in Performance Excellence, this training gives organizations a number of topics to choose from.  Firms or individual leaders may take one or any combination of the following modules. Click on course name for additional details.

Leadership System

Explore the key elements of a leadership system, including what is a leadership system (not just an org. chart), the personal role model behaviors needed from senior leaders, senior leaders’ role in reward and recognition, succession planning, and the review of performance measures.  It will also cover the evaluation an improvement of senior leaders and the leadership system.

Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation

This course will explore the key elements of a Strategic Planning system and how to implement that plan.

How to Delight Your Customers and Flourish

This course prepares organizations to understand their customers at a deep level and to use this information to compete effectively. While other courses deal with ways to minimize costs or increase efficiency, the Customer System course focuses on how to build revenues by understanding and serving customers more effectively.

Communication System

This course focuses on the important role of a communications system and on how organizations can assess and develop their own strong communications.

Organizational Performance Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and analysis of data and information that exists in an organization is vital to both effectively manage an organization and to identify and prioritize cost-effective and appropriate opportunities for improvement. This module addresses key elements to identify the most appropriate metrics and what to do with them. It focuses on the benefits of a systematic approach to measurements and analysis.

Performance Management for Workforce Engagement

This module addresses how your organization engages, rewards, and recognizes your workforce to achieve high performance; how members of your workforce are developed; and how you assess workforce engagement.

Process Management for Performance Excellence

This module will introduce the key elements for work systems and work processes. It will stress the importance of core competencies and how to protect and capitalize on them for success and sustainability. Material will address effective design and a prevention orientation to efficiency and effectiveness in work systems. Linkage to all stakeholders: customers, partners, and collaborators will be emphasized, with a focus on providing value.

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