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Process Management and Improvement System


Course Description

This module will introduce the key elements for work systems and work processes. It will stress the importance of core competencies and how to protect and capitalize on them for success and sustainability. Material will address effective design and a prevention orientation to efficiency and effectiveness in work systems. Linkage to all stakeholders: customers, partners, and collaborators will be emphasized, with a focus on providing value. Discussions will involve cycle time reduction, continuous improvement, innovation, and organizational learning. There will be a strong connection to Module 6-Measurement, Analysis, and Review Systems. The importance of emergency preparedness will also be addressed.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will leave the educational session with a robust understanding of how to design work systems and how to design, manage, and improve their key organizational work processes to assure achievement of organizational success and sustainability.

  • Ability to assess current work process management and improvement systems.

  • Understand the need for a readiness for emergencies

  • Understanding of the linkage to measurement, analysis, and knowledge management.

Course Content

  • Designing and innovating the overall work system and work processes

  • Incorporating cycle time, productivity, cost control, and other efficiency and effectiveness factors into the design of processes.

  • Determining core competencies

  • Determining how your work systems and key processes relate to and capitalize on core competencies

  • Determining key work processes and how these processes contribute to value, profitability or financial return, organizational success, and sustainability.

  • Determining key work process requirements

  • The importance of ensuring work system and workplace preparedness for disaster

  • The implementation of work processes in a way to ensure they meet design requirements, utilizing stakeholder input

  • The development of performance measures and in-process measures to use for the control and improvement of the work processes.

  • Control of overall costs, and the prevention of defects, errors, and rework

  • The improvement of work processes


The course approach will include lecture, dialogue, working sessions, case studies, and examples from best-in-class processes.

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