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Laura Kinney


Laura lives in Halifax, MA, and is working with many organizations who have

started on a Baldrige Journey both large healthcare organizations who want to

use the Baldrige Framework to improve and communities that are starting their

journey with Communities of Excellence. She is the Chair of the Board for

Partners in Performance Excellence - a regional Baldrige non-profit that serves

MA, NY, RI, and CT. For 2022, she is supporting several health systems and one

community. In the past, Laura has had the privilege of being the

VP of Strategy and Excellence (Healthcare) where she was able to use the

Baldrige framework and lean transformation to develop and execute the

organization's strategic plan. She has been both on-staff and as an external consultant for health systems and has

Performance Excellence Mentor

20 Pine St                                           

Halifax, MA   02338                            


Laura Kinney
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