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Events to really get you involved!

Events and Training

Partners in Performance Excellence hosts a variety of workshops, training and events throughout the year, and will pass along information about high-quality training and learning opportunities given by other organizations. Whether you are looking to learn more to improve your own business, become an examiner, write a successful award application, or schedule a customized combination of training that is right for you -- you have come to the right place. Learn with PiPEx and catalyze your improvement!

Baldrige 101


Get acquainted with the basics of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, what it is and what it is not, why the framework has been successfully used by other organizations to understand opportunities for improvement and create an alignment of processes.

Learn how to get started by using one of the options to start an assessment of your organization using the Criteria for identifying gaps.


This workshop is highly recommended for organizations that want to learn how the Criteria can help them get started with a continuous improvement framework.

• Overview of Baldrige Criteria Categories 1-7

• Four factors used to evaluate process: Approach, Deployment, Learning and Integration (ADLI)

• Four factors used to evaluate results: Levels, Trends, Comparisons and Integration (LeTCI)


At the end of this session, you will

• Understand the basics of the Baldrige Criteria

• Learn how to utilize one of three options to move your organization to the next level:

o Begin an Organization Profile

o Begin assessing your organization against the Criteria

o Begin your performance excellence journey with PiPEx’s Introductory coaching and facilitation

Upcoming Events

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