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Performance Management System

Course Description

This module addresses how your organization engages, rewards, and recognizes your workforce to achieve high performance; how members of your workforce are developed; and how you assess workforce engagement.


Approaches include discussion, analysis of role model organization approaches, and testing and adapting tools and approaches for potential use in your organization based on your strategic plan and current challenges.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will have:

  • Examined a performance management system model

  • Assessed existing reward and recognition approaches

  • Conducted a self-assessment by senior leaders of the organization’s performance management system

  • Created an action plan for improving their performance management system


This course uses a combination of cases, examples and lecture to convey the ideas.  The participants then discuss and select the methods they believe are best suited to their organization.

Course Content

The Performance Management System course focuses on the importance of senior leaders in promoting a culture of high performance through the performance management system.

The course outline includes:

  • The definition of a performance management system

  • Key goals of performance management

  • A contrast between employee satisfaction and employee engagement

  • The personal role of senior leaders in the performance management system

  • A discussion of current reward, recognition, and incentive practices

  • Evaluation and improvement of the performance management system


The course tools include:

  • Examples of performance management systems from Baldrige Award recipients

  • Self-assessment tool for evaluating the performance management system

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