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Self Assessment

A self-assessment is one way to get started.  It can help uncover successes and areas of opportunity more efficiently and more cheaply than the full application and review process of our award cycle.

There are several ways to get started.


Free resources from the NIST Website


  • The NIST self-assessment page is here, and the a free self-analysis worksheet is here.

If you prefer to allow employees to respond anonymously, we can administer these on your behalf, for a fee.

Baldrige Express

We partner with the Alliance for Performance Excellence to offer organizations an affordable and easy-to-use assessment tool.  Baldrige Express is an online survey-based assessment that synthesizes points of view from all parts of your organization, combining the benefits of survey speed with the accuracy and completeness of a written narrative.



Stakeholders from your organization complete a survey measuring their perceptions of the maturity of all parts of your work system in as little as 60 minutes. Survey results are compiled within seven to 10 days.


You don’t need any prior understanding of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to conduct a Baldrige Express survey. The survey can, however, serve as an excellent introduction to your senior leaders and workforce regarding the concepts of the Baldrige framework and where your organization stands right now according to the Criteria.  Take a closer look at the Baldrige Express process.


Your survey results are disaggregated according to multiple subgroups that you define, allowing you to discover differences in perception or deployment between departments, employee types, grade level, work sites, seniority, or any other divisions that you choose. The survey can be administered online, on paper, or a combination of both. Even the survey language and set of questions can be modified to best fit your organization.


Baldrige Express results are designed to serve as a stand-alone self-assessment OR as a lead-in to a full application. Some organizations have used Baldrige Express to sustain improvement momentum between award cycles.


The entire analysis can cost as little as $2500, a small fraction of using traditional consulting services to obtain the same data.


The survey is appropriate for organizations of any type, including those in the manufacturing, health care, service, government, education, or non-profit sectors.  Preview a sample feedback report.

We’d love to discuss ways you can use Baldrige Express to drive or benchmark improvement initiatives in your own organization.

Organizations work with PiPEx to identify who should participate in the survey.  Then PiPEx administers the survey to assure anonymity and provides a written feedback report to the organization.  A PiPEx leader personally presents and discusses the results.

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