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Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation System

Course Description

One of an organization's senior leader's most important roles is to establish and communicate where the organization is headed, when, why and how. This course will explore the key elements of a Strategic Planning system and how to implement that plan.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will have:

  • Developed an understanding of Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation.

  • Developed a timetable for creating their own plan and a timetable for implementing it.

Course Content

The Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation course focuses on the importance of senior leaders in promoting a culture of high performance.

The course outline includes:

  • It is vital for any ongoing organization to have a vision of where they want to go over the long term. To obtain this, and to create a reasonable assurance of achieving it, the organization needs a concise plan, clearly communicated to all appropriate stakeholders, and a methodology for implementing/achieving the plan.

  • In order for senior leadership to lead, they must be leading their organization to "something", and a "good" Strategic Plan is that "something". The plan also drives (or is driven by) the skills and resources available to the organization, its customers and market, and its processes. Successfully implementing the plan is a critical as developing it. Two elements are key to successful implementation: Communication (two way), both internal and external, and managing change.

  • Included are the elements that constitute a strategy for an organization, how it can be developed, and how to effectively implement it. Both long- and short-term needs are included.


The course tools include:

  • The approach used is a combination of lecture with explanations of approaches to strategy formulation, examples of world class approaches to strategic planning and implementation, and hands-on work to start creating an approach applicable for the specific organization attending the session.

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